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The meeting place for the next generation of bioinformaticians

The Next Generation Bioinformatics User Group (NextGenBUG) is a user-driven meeting programme that aims to build an engaged user community in Scotland (and beyond) of researchers and others analysing or exploiting large-volume data in biology. It has a major, but nonexclusive, focus on "next generation" sequence data analyses and interpretation.

Working together, we try to figure out the best ways of extracting meaning of the massive amounts of data emerging fromĀ ultra-high-throughput technologies such asĀ Illumina, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore.

NextGenBUG meetings

NextGenBUG (traditionally) meets once every two months in venues across Scotland. The meetings, open to anyone, include invited national and international speakers, talks from local speakers, industry presentations, open discussions, and lots of networking time.


I am sorry to say that through a rather terrible run of luck the NextgenBUG meeting scheduled for the 21st of February will now have to be postponed, again.

We have yet again coincided with UCU industrial action called for the weeks commencing 20th February. We do not want to encourage anyone to cross picket lines or compromise their principles in order to attend the meeting and will therefore be seeking an alternative date for the meeting. We hope this will be a date soon after the action is set to end in early March.

Thank you for your patience!

When this meeting does finally take place it will run from 11am - 3pm (with an additional discussion on NGB organisation following at 3pm - 4pm).

Presentations from past meetings can be found at NextGenBUG F1000 Research Channel.

NextGenBUG email list

The NextGenBUG mailing list is an unmoderated forum for exchange of ideas, job postings and event announcements.

To join please send us an e-mail.

NextGenBUG is co-ordinated and sponsored by Edinburgh Genomics, The University of Edinburgh's next generation genomics facility.