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Tuesday, 4th September 2012

Tuesday, 4th September 2012, 12:30 pm
Location: New Seminar Room (NSR), via the main reception for registration
Venue: The James Hutton Institute, Invergowrie, Dundee, DD2 5DA, Scotland, UK
Directions: here . Free parking on site
Taxi or buses 16 or 77 bus from Dundee City Centre. The train station in Invergowrie isn't useful
Contact: Peter Cock, Leighton Pritchard or Micha Bayer

Time, topic and speaker/proposed by
12:30 to 13:30 Lunch
13:30 to 13:50 Sequencing (and analysing) Dickeya Leighton Pritchard, James Hutton Institute
13:50 to 14:10 A multi-mapping read assignment strategy for RNA-Seq and its application to mammalian transcriptomes Christelle Robert, University of Edinburgh
14:10 to 14:30 An alternative approach to assembly validation highlights deficiencies of the N50 statistic Micha Bayer, James Hutton Institute
14:30 to 14:50 Superzoom and other work on the assembly viewer Tablet, Gordon Stephen, James Hutton Institute
14:50 to 15:20 Coffee
15:20 to 15:40 Single-Molecule Transcriptomics of Atopic Eczema in Human Skin, Chris Cole, University of Dundee
15:40 to 16:00 Tick RNA-Seq analysis with open source and commercial software, Julia Loecherbach, University of Edinburgh
16:00 to 16:20 Phylogenomics of Nematoda, Georgios Koutsovoulos, University of Edinburgh


Confirm name / Vegetarian
Peter Cock Absent
Leighton Pritchard
Micha Bayer
Linda Milne
Nick Schurch
Ian Simpson
Shriram Bhosle Yes
Claus Mayer
Frank Wright Vegan
David Marshall
Chris Cole
Timothee Cezard
Gordon Stephen
Alex Lainson
Andy Flavell
Antonio Ribeiro
Ashleigh MacKenzie
Tony McBryan
Christelle Robert
Tony Travis
Xiaoming Wu
Runxuan Zhang
Urmi Trivedi Yes
Julia Loecherbach
Georgios Koutsovoulos
Simon Tomlinson
Duncan Godwin
Anastasia Kousa
Mani Mudaliar Yes
Katrin MacKenzie
Graham Hamilton
Colin Alexander

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